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Signature Facial


Signature Facial

Your skincare expert will analyze your skin and create a customized facial that is solution focused. The Signature facial is a medical grade facial and can include extractions, exfoliation, hydration and more based on your skin needs. You can expect to be dewy and glowing immediately after this treatment. Within the next few days, you’ll notice how smooth, soft, and bright your skin is. After consistent monthly treatments, fine lines will soften, pigment and breakouts will subside and you’ll be encouraging cellular renewal.

Pre And Post Care

While this is a simple procedure, there are a few things you should avoid before it.

You should avoid waxing and laser on the area being treated for about 48 hours prior to the treatment.

If you have sensitive skin, stop using any of your daily skin care products that contain vitamin A, glycolic acid, or Retinol prior to treatment. Post care is practicing proper suncare as you may be more sensitive to the sun for a few weeks. We explain the Signature Facial as “more than a regular facial” but “less than a light chemical peel” – an elevated facial if you will.


Quick Facts

  • Results Last: 3-4 weeks*
  • Skin Types: All
  • Time: 50 min
  • Downtime: None
  • Treatments: Recommend Monthly
  • Administered: By a Licensed Esthetician
Teen Clean Facial
*Individual results may vary.

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