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Acne Facial

Acne Facial

The acne facial combines professional recommendations and procedures with medical-grade products and at-home treatments.

Rather than seeking recommendations and going on the journey alone, the licensed aestheticians at Biosymmetry will work with you throughout the entire journey.

Quick Facts

  • CONCERNS: Mild to severe cases of acne, certain cases of rosacea
  • SUITABLE FOR: All skin types
  • TREATMENT PREP: Inform your Biosymmetry provider of any health concerns, current medications, and supplements to ensure a cohesive and safe treatment plan.
  • TREATMENT TIME: 1 to 1 ½ hour initial appointment, 30 to 45 minutes subsequent appointment
  • COURSE OF TREATMENT: In-depth skin analysis to customize an acne treatment plan, at-home routines, in-office procedures, follow-up appointments
  • RESULTS SEEN: Stubble visibility after the initial session with continued improvement throughout treatment.
  • REPEAT: As directed by your Biosymmetry provider
Acne Face
*Individual results may vary.

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