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Offering a variety of services for men and women patients in Goldsboro, NC:
Medical Weight Loss, Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, Peptide Therapy, Testosterone Replacement, Aesthetics, and more.

The BioSymmetry Process

Located in Goldsboro NC, Biosymmetry offers a variety of services for men and women based on their individual needs. Biosymmetry is an integrative medical practice with a concentration on restoring balance in the body to enhance optimal health. Biosymmetry also offers options for optimizing your outer beauty with use of fillers, Botox, Dysport, PDO smooth threads, PRP, microblading, and more. With the use of bio-identical hormones, supplements, peptides, life-style modifications, or medically guided weight loss, Dr. Pate and Staff are here for you!

Learn more about BioSymmetry, the variety of women’s and men’s services offered by our Goldsboro office, or contact us to schedule your appointment.

Why work with Dr. Pate?

Dr. Chris Pate uses Bioidentical Hormone Replacement to help men and women fight the uncomfortable effects of aging and age related conditions. In order to slow down the aging process, Dr. Pate encourages a lifestyle that is proactive in hopes of preventing the onset of illness and disease. As a practicing physician, he is committed to anti-aging, functional, and integrative techniques to diagnose and treat his patients.

Dr. Pate became American Board certified in Obesity Medicine and is a North American Menopause Society certified menopause specialist. After becoming certified, he opened BioSymmetry in 2010 in Goldsboro, NC. His successful practice led to Dr. Pate and his wife Shannon committing themselves to patients in the Wilmington, NC area. They opened their second location in Wilmington, NC in 2014. Over 5,000 patients later, Dr. Chris Pate and BioSymmetry have been able to help people with weight loss challenges, hormone imbalances, thyroid optimization, menopause symptoms and many other services for women and men.

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What Our Clients Say

Losing weight has never been easy for me. Biosymmetry in Goldsboro has changed my life. The staff as well as Dr. Pate , are always supportive and very encouraging in my process of losing weight. I feel so at home there, the ladies are so friendly. kind and very informative. Dr Pate is very professional. Thanks to all you guys for making me feel so blessed. 

Brenda F.

I never thought I would ever be so excited to weigh! Well, Dr. Pate and his awesome staff make it that way. They all are so encouraging and so supportive of your weightloss journey. I have been going several years for hormone therapy and weightloss. Dr. Pate is a specialist and he is The Best! I love Biosymmetry and I am very grateful for all their help! I 💯 % recommend Dr. Pate and his staff. Give them a call and get started on your journey to better health♥️ 

Renee H.

Dr Pate is amazing. I was suffering and really struggling health wise. I had been to many doctors informing them of my symptoms and everyone blew me off and gave easy answers for each problem. Dr Pate looks at the whole picture and was able to diagnose my issue as B-12 Deficient. I continue to see him and feel 1000 times better than the 3 years previous to finding him. He is a gem for whole health care.

Toni B.